A little bit about me, the photographer

From the moment I picked up a camera about 10 years ago, I was hooked. It all began with snapshots of my kids and the little things in nature that caught my eye. From there, I pushed myself to try different lighting, locations, etc. Through word of mouth and family, I picked up a few senior portrait sessions and an engagement session. It wasn't until my friend showed me how to use the "manual" setting on my camera and an upgrade in equipment, did I really notice my passion and love for the art grow.

Fast forward to present day and I've found my calling in creative photography. There's something about creative arts that calls to my soul. I hope when viewing my works, it speaks to you, connects to you on another level.

*Born in Oregon but after living in Hawaii for ten years, it will always be my home. Now, back in Oregon almost 17 years, the islands still call to me. Wife to a workaholic, knife maker and a mother to two dancers.